Fully Managed Conectivity

Taking the complexity out of managing Internet connections

Provisioning and managing Internet connections can be a daunting task for businesses, especially those with multiple connections. Additionally, consumer grade Internet connections are frequently unreliable, resulting in downtime, lost revenue, lost customers, and unproductive time in troubleshooting problems which are really outside the control of the business. Beyond the connectivity issues, managing network settings, security updates, WiFi networks and other IT issues all add up to a daunting amount of work for the average business.

Fully Managed Connectivity addresses these problems, allowing companies to push the burden of ‘connectivity’ and IT management over to Thinix as a trusted partner. Thinix provides managed connectivity, firewall and IT services. In short, Thinix takes over responsibility for day-to-day problems related to connectivity and select IT needs, which allows the in-house IT staff to focus on their own line of business IT issues.

Designed to meet the demands of large, multi-location retail customers, Fully Managed Connectivity is a carrier-grade service that consolidates billing, support, security, and other services into a single product.

Fully Managed Connectivity is a customizable service, with the following options:

  • Provisioning and management of Internet connection(s) (including Thinix RocketFailover 4g connections)
  • Managed network security (managed firewall)
  • WiFi management (staff and/or guest-use)
  • PCI scanning (from an approved scanning vendor)
  • Onsite support services
  • Digital Signage hardware and software
  • PC support
  • Network monitoring and alerts
  • Mobile device management
  • Audio-visual system support

Thinix has developed a specialized hardware/software solution for network monitoring, built partnerships with the leading Internet service providers, and has hardware partnerships with CradlePoint, WatchGuard, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and others to deliver hardware that is necessary for the project. Combining all these technologies with carrier-grade datacenter and cloud service technologies, and laser focused staff, allows us to manage connectivity efficiently and for enterprise, multiple-location customers.

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