About Us

InternetAnywhere® is a managed, 4G cellular Internet connection designed for rural, remote, mobile, and redundant connectivity applications. With InternetAnywhere you can experience the speed and convenience of broadband Internet almost anywhere in the United States. Easy to install and hassle-free, InternetAnywhere is preconfigured as a plug-and-play technology to deliver connectivity wherever it's needed.

InternetAnywhere delivers a business-class Internet connection with high reliability via a commercial grade cellular modem. Customized for a wide variety of applications, InternetAnywhere can function for both business and leisure applications. With our AlwaysOn™ technology, high-speed connectivity doesn't go to sleep like other commercial-grade options, making it an ideal solution for rural farming applications, school buses, food trucks, emergency response personnel vehicles, mobile RVs, and more.

Complete with data-usage alerts, a low annual fee for Internet access and a convenient pay-as-you-go business model, InternetAnywhere allows you to connect anytime you need without a monthly service fee. Our hassle-free solution also provides electronic billing when your initial data limit is exceeded.

Dedicated Support Team

InternetAnywhere is part of the RocketFailover product suite from Akative® — our vision is to be the trusted choice for managed technology solutions; we furnish our world-wide customer base with distinct business advantages by making technology easy, safe, and secure.

Our support staff at Akative® maintain the education, training, and forethought necessary to stay ahead of the technological curve. InternetAnywhere bolsters our vision for the future as one of the most trusted products in business continuity plans. 

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