Police, Fire & Rescue Internet

Better connectivity when you need it.

Internet access is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of rescue units. These first responders and mobile command centers need access to mapping software, real-time text communications, records, and other situational information on the go, fast, and reliably.

The InternetAnywhere Emergency Vehicle System (EVS) delivers on these demands and helps emergency personnel stay connected when out in the field. Using specialized hardware with optional multiple-carrier architecture, Thinix provides advanced capabilities at the edge of the network where it is needed most.

Implementing 4G connectivity in these environments can be a challenging task, which is why Thinix’s InternetAnywhere solution is offered as a managed service. Thinix’s excellent team of engineers and developers have created extensive monitoring and management tools that combine to provide a robust, turnkey data connection.

Thinix’s InternetAnywhere support services include:

  • Configuring the device for the customer.
  • Deploying hardware security updates and patches.
  • Remote-assisted installation with on-site installation options.
  • Network monitoring and helpdesk support.

The EVS hardware platform is an integrated cellular modem and commercial-grade router that offers the latest in high-speed 3G/4G wireless connectivity to deliver the continuous uptime and bandwidth.

Hardware Features:

  • Integrated high-speed 3G/4G modem, powered by Thinix’s InternetAnywhere data service.
  • 5 Ethernet 10/100/1000 LAN/WAN ports for Ethernet-enabled devices or landline Internet
  • Wireless LAN – WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n) supports up to 128 connections at a time and four SSIDs, with individual security and QoS settings.
    Multiple deployment modes that support almost any existing customer provided equipment.
  • Optional active GPS support.
  • Optional external antennas.
  • Optional support for multiple data carriers.

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