Instant Network

Bring your own network connectivity made easy

Provisioning traditional Internet connections for businesses can be a challenging and time consuming process. For fast installations or installations in environments where it is a difficult to get a land line, a Thinix Instant Network can be deployed as a reliable primary connection in a matter of minutes.

Instant Network solutions are perfect for your business when:

You need a temporary network. If you’re going to be setting up temporarily, such as a kiosk in a mall or a construction trailer, you need a solution that is easy and cost effective to provision.

There are no existing wired lines or you don’t own the infrastructure. Even if the place you’ll be operating has the potential for connectivity, you’re not in a position to explore that option if it’s not your space. These are the classic ‘store within a store’ and ‘bring your own network’ deployment scenarios.

You need permanent connectivity where a traditional wired connection is not readily available. Whether in a rural location or at an ATM, a digital sign or gas pump, the need for connectivity may be inhibited by the lack of wired Internet availability.

Instant Network combines a device, deployment services, monitoring, RF design, cellular data, and remote management services into a single, easy to purchase solution. This enables businesses to quickly deploy the solution without the need to become experts in 3G/4G services.

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