Instant Network

Instant Network combines a device, deployment services, monitoring, RF design, cellular data, and remote management services into a single, easy to purchase solution.                  Learn more                

Fully Managed Connectivity

Fully Managed Connectivity is a carrier-grade service that consolidates billing, support, security, and other services into a single product designed to meet the demands of large, multi-location retail customers.                  Learn more                

Police, Fire & Rescue Internet

Thinix InternetAnywhere provides advanced capabilities at the edge of the network where it is needed most. Thinix’s excellent team of engineers and developers have created extensive monitoring and management tools that combine to provide a robust, turnkey data connection.                  Learn more                

School Bus Internet

Thinix BusConnectis a managed solution designed for schools and bus operators that makes it easy to provide safe and secure connectivity on buses.                  Learn more